Saturday, 24 December 2016

10 Best Skin Care Tips For Glowing Face

Everybody wants to feel younger and looking beautiful, but for that you need to follow some daily routines. We have mentioned here the best skin care tips for getting a younger looking and glowing face.

1. NUTRITION – Get rid of junk food, sugar, processed foods, additives and chemicals! Eat only unprocessed raw whole foods. Don’t forget your skin is your largest organ, and it will be as good as what you eat, how much you hydrate, and what you spread on it. (Chemical based man-made makeup and skin care absorb through your skin and settle in your organs. Most of them are toxic and cause health concerns and even cancer.

2. FITNESS – Our culture sends out the message that sweat is to be avoided, but sweat is good for your skin and for your body! It moisturizes your skin and is important as a natural waste removal system. Daily exercise will give you more energy, better immune function and a healthier complexion. Don’t be afraid to sweat, and then take a cool shower to wash off the waste and cleanse your skin.

3. SLEEP – Sleep deprivation and too much stimulation from lack of a balanced schedule and too much busy-ness in life can cause all kinds of health problems. Once these set in, your skin will start showing the results. Dark circles under the eyes add years to your appearance and tiredness shows up as a dull lifeless complexion.

4. SUNSHINE – 20 minutes of early or late day sunlight is essential to good health. Your skin turns sunlight into vitamin d thereby helping your body absorb minerals, which are intrinsic to good health. Sunlight also helps heal eczema, psoriasis, acne, and other skin problems.

5. HYDRATION – Drinking eight to twelve 8 ounce glasses of purified water daily will help eliminate waste and toxins from your body. Pimples, breakouts and rashes are the result of toxic buildup when your body is being filled with normal toxins (waste products) as well as added toxins (pesticides, herbicides, added hormones, food additives, man-made chemicals, pollution) and not enough water is available through hydration to expel the wastes. Dry skin is also caused by harsh chemicals, cosmetics and not drinking enough water.

6. CLEAN – Use natural pH balance cleansers and soaps to clean your skin twice every day. When you go to bed at night to sleep your skin repairs itself. It needs to “breathe” and if you go to bed with the day’s dirt and make-up left on, your skin will not be able to regenerate. Your body also excretes toxins through your skin as you sleep. so be sure to cleanse in the morning too.

7. BALANCE – While your skin may seem shiny and fresh after a good scrub or cleansing, there is still microscopic oil and dirt and even soap residue left to remove. Depending on the type of cleanser you used your skin’s natural pH balance might be upset also, causing damage and early aging. Using a good natural toner refines your pores and can help with acne problems.

8. MOISTURIZE – Apply a pH balanced natural moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Even oily skin can benefit from a light moisturizer. Aloe vera gel and jojoba oil are wonderful choices. Don’t forget the tender eye area that needs special treatment to avoid wrinkles.

9. EXFOLIATE – Use a terrycloth washcloth as you cleanse to exfoliate and unclog pores. Twice a week you should also use a deep cleansing mask and/or a gentle facial scrub to get rid of old skin cells and oils that regular daily cleaning misses.

10. DRY BRUSHING – Another great way to exfoliate is to use a dry skin brush once or twice a week before you shower or bathe.Only use a soft natural bristle brush, starting at your extremities and brushing towards your heart at all time. Don’t mess with delicate areas of your body. Start gently and work your way up to more vigorous brushing sessions as you become accustomed to it. This will help alleviate cellulite, dead skin cells, and better circulation.